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It is my last week of holidays right now, which is sad, but still exciting! In 9 days I am embarking on my new adventure: Studying at Stellenbosch University! I will be studying BA Humanities. My subjects will be languages and then psychology-like subjects. I get to study something that truly interests me and I am done with school, finally. Yes, it is scary, but mostly exciting!

In case it is not apparent from my lack of posts, my holiday was super busy. I did enjoy it a lot still, though. If you want to know what I did, read on…

So it started with a few days in Hartenbos (a small seaside town 4 hours’ drive from Strand) with my best friends. Anelmi, Japke, Jean-Mari, Nicolise, Gretchen and I stayed in Anelmi’s family’s flat, which is near the beach. We walked around, swam in the ocean, played mini-golf and went shopping during the day and most of the evenings we went to Daai Plek (translation: “That Place”), a bar nearby, for drinks. We also met a few people from Gretchen’s old school.

Next, I visited Albert, my amazing boyfriend, in Swellendam, his hometown. Swellendam is a very small town in the countryside, so you would think there is not much to do, but we always had something to do: He showed me around town, we visited his friends, we went hiking, we relaxed and swam at the dam, we spent time with his family, we visited the fairy sanctuary (yes, he truly loves me!), walked around, etc.

After that, I did an outreach at Uilenkraalmond for three weeks. We were a team of 19 students between the ages of 16 and 25 who entertain the children and teenagers, while serving them with God’s word. Our daily program looks like this: Puppet show for the young children, afternoon activity(games, a movie, things like that), volleyball for the teens, evening activity(i.e. worship evenings, talent show) and then drink coffee and chat with the teens. Then we get to sleep after a loooong, rewarding day. The outreach is a very special experience, as we get to spend time in the Lord’s presence constantly and grow as more as a team, but a family, who support each other.

Albert visited me at Uilenkraalmond on our off days as well as new year’s, when we went for a walk on the beach and watched the fireworks. A very calm new year’s, but definitely more special than drinking until you’re drunk and not remembering anything about the night when you wake up in the morning?

After Uilenkraalmond, I went to Malgas, a quiet holiday resort next to the Breede River, with Albert to spend time with his family. Those few days were so soothing after three weeks of following a full program every day (excluding Christmas, when we got a break to go home to spend Christmas with our families). 

Then I helped Albert move into his apartment in Stellenbosch, where he will be working this year for an English civil engineering company. Fancy, right? Well, that was last week. We also worked out at Van Der Stel Gym(who gave us a free trial), celebrated our first month together (on the 8th January), spent time with my friends, went to the beach, watched movies and more.

Soooo that was my holiday! And now I will share some of my favourite photos with you:




“Whether she was sleeping or awake, the world was a deceptive game: Flowing scenes, fluttering echoes, reflecting light. And everything tricked her like salt through numb fingers.” Donna Tartt (The Little Friend)
“You have to keep breaking your heart until it’s open!” Chantel
“Sometimes I wish I was famous just so I could dress freaky and claim it to be fashion.” Jo-Gene
Okay. So I know some of you might disagree with me here. But I, as a hopeless romantic, truly believe this. Just think about it … Sometimes, one’s heart could be right. Give your heart a chance - do not harden it.

Okay. So I know some of you might disagree with me here. But I, as a hopeless romantic, truly believe this. Just think about it … Sometimes, one’s heart could be right. Give your heart a chance - do not harden it.

“In our lives, enemies does not have to be soldiers with weapons. It can be anything that deters you from what you should do.” Mrs Mentoor
let it go…

let it go…

“It’s all right to be afraid. You just should not be reckless.” My dad

Last Night with the Girls

  • Me: We had fun last night, right??
  • Marli: Was quite fun! Too bad there wasn't decent-looking guys.
  • Me: Yes, there wasn't really many. And the few that were there are too complicated.
  • Marli: The barman...
  • Me: Yeah, was probably best that C did not try to go for him.
  • Marli: Probably, but what stupid rule is that that the barman may not flirt with the customers? (rolls eyes)
  • Me: Yes, makes it quite boring for the bartenders!
  • Marli: Yeah well, they could be the customers' soul mates!
  • Me: If one really feels so strong about a barman, one has to wait until he is off duty... THEN one flirts with him. (laughs)
  • Marli: But sometimes one thinks a guy gives vibes, but then he is just nice. Now that has to be embarrassing.
  • Me: True! That's why slow is usually better. Or to wait until the guy makes the first move...


Everything the same
As always
And forever
The same faces, the same places, the same conversations
For five years now, we have all been here, and it has all been
The same.

There have been
High points
And lows.
Giggling helplessly until our cheeks hurt, until our sides ache,
Crying into my pillow in the night, mascara staining my skin -
The same.

And now we’re almost
To leave.
Straining at these chords that are grounding us, so loved and familiar
And yet so well worn that they are chafing and burning the skin -
The same.

I love it here
And yet I
Hate it.
Scene of my childhood, the faces of my past, so well fitting
And yet cruelty has been done here, it makes me want to
Fling myself free.

So with trepidation
It is time
To go.
And I don’t know yet whether these tears in my eyes are
Full of sadness or joy. At least I know with certainty that it wont be
The same

Little Girl Red (http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=189139)
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